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No need appointment
Eye Exam
Wait less than 15 mins

We Corporation with Smart Vision Lab,
provide the latest technology for the eye exam.
Our test is all you need to get a renewed prescription for contacts or glasses.
Take a Smart Vision Exam today and start seeing clearer in minutes.
*Not a full eye exam,Your personalized vision test will measure how you see, but won’t check the health of your eyes.
​​​​​​​​​​One Hour Job
The Fastest Optical Shop In Pasadena
We offer one hour service for most Single Vision Prescription! 
Possible to get the bifocal or Progressive lenses on the second business day.

We Fix Eyeglasses
Have any accident on your favorite glasses?
Bring it to our store, we will try our best to fix it. 
We offer free clean and adjustment your glasses as well.

​​Promotion Package

√ FREE  SV Polycarbonate Lenses

√ FREE  Anti-Reflective Coating

√ FREE  Anti-Scratch Coating

With Selected Glasses Frame Purchase*

Does not include eye exam. Valid prescription required.
Variety of frames made to suit your daily outfit
$119 or $169

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Pasadena, Ca 91107